20th Nov 2017


U-CAN, the range of easy-to-use DIY building repair solutions from Tarmac Building Products, allows you to make a cube shaped tea light. Follow the eight simple steps for a fun, creative project or to create a unique gift for friends and family.



·         1 bag of U-CAN pointing repair mortar

·         Measuring jug

·         Silicone mould

·         Scissors

·         Protective glasses, apron and rubber gloves



1.       Fill a jug with 270ml (1/2 pint) of clean water. Pour all of the water into the bag of U-CAN pointing repair mortar.

2.      Squeeze any excess air from the bag and close the cap.

3.      Knead, squeeze, and squash the bag to mix all of the water into the product – it should take about two minutes to get a thick consistency.

4.      Cut open the bag and add small amounts of the mixed mortar into the mould.  You can use the yellow tool that comes with the U-CAN pointing repair mortar to do this.

5.      Press the mixture into the corners of the mould and gently shake to encourage it to disperse evenly into the shape.

6.      Carefully push a tea light into the centre of the heart and smooth the surface.


7.       Leave to set for 24 hours.

8.      Once thoroughly dry, pop out the tea light from the mould and decorate.

Tips: Decorate your tea light holder with acrylic or spray paint, readily available from art and hobby shops.