Super Self-Fusing Repair Tape

A flexible, super adhesive tape for permanent repairs to leaky pipes or frayed cables. Works on wet surfaces and even underwater, sealing pipes to a pressure of up to 8 bar – more than enough for domestic mains water supply.

Each layer super self fusing repair tape also Insulates up to 8000 volts.

PLEASE NOTE: Always seek professional advice and turn off mains electricity when repairing or insulating electric cables.



Stretches up to 3 times its length


Super Self Fusing Repair Tape is easy and mess free. Just wrap the tape once around the damaged area, then stretch to 2 or 3 times normal length and apply as many layers as necessary to cover cracks, holes and damage.

Always ensure an overlap of at least 50% between one layer and the next for maximum sealing and insulating performance. Remove tape with a knife or sharp blade.