Slip-Resist Decking Sealer

Nothing beats the look of pristine new decking. But if it’s left untreated, algae and mould can quickly make the surface slippery and unsafe. This 2 coat, slip resist decking sealer uses micro traction technology to provide a waterproof, breathable, transparent seal to timber decking – while making it safer for everybody to walk on.



Newly installed wooden decking floors, steps and railings


Up to 30sq m (323 sq ft) of new, untreated decking


A ready to use and anti-algae treatment that preserves and protects new wood and prevents accidents by making decking surfaces safer underfoot.

Simply brush or roll onto all newly installed wood surfaces, waiting until the first coat is completely dry before applying a second.  On decking that already has algae growth, wash with a stiff brush and warm water/detergent solution and allow to dry before treating.

Once dry, U-Can slip resist decking sealer can be treated with conventional coloured woodstain.