Render Repair Mortar

Cracked and flaky rendering can be a real eyesore. Not to mention an easy passage for damp into the brickwork behind it. This easy mix, easy apply render repair mortar will help you patch up rendered walls so they look their best again – and go on protecting your home for years to come.  For internal and external use. Just add water and mix in the tub!

How to Repair Render

The trick when you’re repairing render is to make sure there’s no dust and loose flakes around to spoil the finish. So before you start, brush and then vacuum the area to be repaired thoroughly.

Mix one 2.5 kg sachet with 0.4 litres of water until it forms a thick paste and apply into cracks and holes, smoothing off with a trowel before covering with a plastic sheet and allowing to dry overnight.




Repairing patchy or broken render


Renders 15 standard bricks at 10mm thick 

For bigger jobs use Mix in the Bag Mortar