Pothole & Drive Repair

Permanent repairs to potholes in tarmac driveways are easy with this ready to use permanent patch and pothole repair macadam. None of the heat, mess and fuss that comes with traditional tarmacadam. Just a simple, quick laying and quick setting solution, straight from the tub.

How to Repair a Pothole

Brush out any grit or debris from the hole, then fill it two thirds of the way to the top with Pothole and Driveway Repair. Whack the mixture flat with the back of your shovel and fill the remaining gap until the repair mix is about 1.5cm above the surrounding surface. Finish off by whacking flat again with your shovel.

The repair will be ready to drive on in just 30 minutes.



Filling potholes in tarmac paths and driveways


One tub of Pothole and Driveway Repair will fill a dustbin lid sized hole to a depth of 2cm.