Plasterboard Repair Kit

Maximum convenience and speed, minimum fuss and hassle. This flexible filler can be used straight out of the pack to repair small holes and cracks in plasterboard and to prepare wall and ceiling surfaces before decorating.

For deeper holes, build the filler up in layers, allowing each layer to firm up and dry before applying the next coat.



Permanent repairs to small holes and cracks in plasterboard walls and ceilings


Up to 10 sq m


Quick easy plasterboard repairs with no measuring or mixing needed. Just reach for U-Can Ready Mixed Multipurpose Filler.

A fine, even texture makes it ideal for filling small cracks and preparing plasterboard before skimming, painting or papering. Simply use straight from the tub and spread evenly over the patch wit the applicator

Drying times vary with thickness and room temperature. For best results, allow to dry overnight before sanding or painting