Mix in the Bag Pointing Repair Mortar

The places where pipes and overflows feed through your walls (the professionals call them ‘pipe penetrations’) can often be weak spots for damp and water damage. This mix in the bag pointing mortar is ideal for sealing and strengthening grouting around pipework to protect your property, indoors and out.


Crumbling grout around pipework and other areas needing general purpose repair


Points 7 standard bricks or fills a ¼ brick sized hole

To prepare, shake the bag to loosen the powder mix then add 200ml of tap water and knead thoroughly for 3 to 4 minutes. Cut the top off the bag and work the mixture into any gaps and cracks around pipework with a trowel or the spatula that’s included in the pack.

Finally, tape a bin liner over the repair to protect it while it dries. This trade formulation grout dries in 5 hours. And best of all, there’s no mixing tub to clean or mess to make good afterwards!