Mix in the Bag Mortar

A convenient, easy way to mix mortar so you get exactly the right consistency to fix loose bricks, lay new bricks or repoint tired and flaky mortar.

The specially designed bag makes mixing mortar fast, easy and mess free. Use the mortar straight from the bag, so there’s no dirty buckets to clean up afterwards. Sets in 2 hours.

How to Mix Mortar

Mixing is as easy as shaking the bag to loosen the powder and pouring in 1.8 litres of clean water (use a large pop bottle, filled about two inches to the top as rough guide).

Turn the bag end over end on a flat surface (grass is best) giving it the occasional squeeze as you go. After a minute so, you should have an even, putty like consistency that tells you you’re ready to cut open the bag and start work.




Building brick BBQs

Replacing crumbling mortar



Lays 17 standard bricks or

Points 85 standard bricks