Mix in the Bag Concrete

Fast, mess-free mix in the bag packaging means you’re ready to go in just two minutes with this fast setting and easy to work concrete. And because you use it straight from the bag, there’s no mess and  no tools to clean up afterwards.

How to Mix Concrete

Mixing is as easy as shaking the bag to loosen the powder and pouring in 1.8 litres of clean water (use a large pop bottle, filled about two inches to the top as rough guide).

Turn the bag end over end on a flat surface (grass is best) giving it the occasional squeeze as you go. After a minute so, you should have an even, putty like consistency that tells you you’re ready to cut open the bag and start work.



Repairing toyour crumbling concrete steps & paths

Making new concrete steps, paths, ramps & slab bases

Filling large holes in concrete floors & driveways


Fills an area of 40cm x 40cm at 5cm deep (about the size of a standard slab) or

40cm x 20cm at 10cm deep (about the size of a standard breeze block)