Flexible Floor Leveller

Use this easy mix formulation to level a floor and smooth out lumps and bumps on concrete or stone floors, ready for laying carpet, vinyl or laminate flooring. You can even use it over underfloor heating pipes (not suitable for electric mats).

How to Level a Floor

To lay U-Can Flexible Floor Leveller, make sure the floor is clean, dry and has been swept clear of dust and debris. Then, simply mix in the tub by adding water and stirring. Pour straight on the floor to a depth of between 3mm and 20mm (0.1in and 0.78in) as required to level uneven surfaces.

U-Can Flexible Floor Leveller sets in 2 hours and is safe to walk on in 4 hours.


Levelling all kinds of indoor solid floors prior to fitting new flooring surface


Approx 1m² at 5mm thick