Brick & Wall Repair Mortar

The quick and simple way to repair holes and gaps in walls or even to lay a small run of bricks. U-Can Brick & Wall Repair Mortar is a professional formulation that comes in two convenient 2.5kg sachets so you can make just enough mortar for the job, and keep the rest for when you need it next. Easy. For bigger jobs use Mix in the Bag Mortar

U-Can Brick & Wall Mortar is made of the same high quality ingredients the professionals use, so you know you’ll be doing a good job whether you’re repointing a joint or replacing the odd brick… or five.

How to Repair Mortar

Before you start, brush down the area to remove any loose material. You don’t need a bucket or cement mixer, just mix up your mortar in the tub by adding 300ml of fresh water per sachet and you’re ready to go.

The mortar will set in around six hours to a good strong finish. Job done!


Brick laying and repairs to walls


Lays 5 bricks

Points 25 bricks

Fills a brick sized hole