18th Nov 2015

Driveway Dilemmas

Don’t let those niggling jobs become so daunting that you can’t face picking up a trowel. This blog post will prove there are plenty of jobs that you can get stuck into and complete – all before lunchtime.

The best thing about U-CAN is that each product is so versatile, it becomes easy to tackle more than one DIY job in just one day – from driveways to drains, we have the answer.

*Always wear gloves and goggles when carrying out any of the following jobs.


QUICK DIY JOB  – Driveway dilemmas

As well as playing havoc with car tyres, a driveway dotted with potholes will get increasingly worse and eventually cause long term damage; so nipping this problem in the bud as soon as possible is the best medicine.

Pot holes are often caused by water trapped below the surface. This expands when frozen, causing the tarmac to break up. To avoid this it’s crucial that you have an air tight surface.

So, how can you fix a driveway pothole fast and effectively?

For this job, we recommend using U-CAN Pothole & Drive Repair which is ideal for use on both driveways and pathways. It’s essential that the product is room temperature to make it workable, so leave the tub in the sunshine or in the warmth of your kitchen for at least two hours. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure you have a solid foundation of 60mm depth and use a claw hammer to remove any loose debris from the area.
  2. Compact the base of the pothole using the head of your hammer (make sure you are wearing safety glasses to provide protection from any loose chips). And for best results use edging and jointing spray to improve the bond between the U-CAN product and the pothole.
  3. Fill the pothole with U-CAN Pothole & Drive Repair until it’s roughly two thirds full. Chamfer the edges from the sides of the hole.
  4. Compact the U-CAN Pothole & Drive Repair using a hand trowel until it is firm, then trowel in another layer of the mix so that the hole is filled roughly 15mm above the surrounding surface.
  5. Compact the product with the back of a shovel until it is level with the surrounding area. For additional protection from water, apply the edging and jointing spray to the edges of the repair.

Top tip: General maintenance is key to driveway upkeep. Kill weeds regularly to avoid growing roots from causing structural damage.

Remember: tarmac is sticky stuff! Clean any equipment with white spirits.